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Coach Skeens offers the Shatter Expectations Life Coaching Program to teams, coaches and individuals who are ready to learn new tools for creating a better, more mindful and fulfilling life. By working through fears and insecurities, he brings people to a new presence of mind that allows them to open their mental "tool box" and tap into their courage and a higher state of awareness. 

The program is fully customized for each client and based on a proven formula that has helped people from all walks of life overcome obstacles and achieve new levels of happiness. 


The Shatter Expectations Program is based on a powerful combination of:



Teaching a proven formula to create a better life.



Tapping into a deeper level of confidence and worthiness.



Supporting growth through a curriculum that engages daily habits.



Truly embodying this new mindset and new habits in all aspects of life.

The Shatter Expectations life coaching formula has been implemented at Universities, Clubs, Sports Teams and organizations in the U.S. and Mexico.

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Over 2,500 athletes at Colorado's Ballistic Volleyball Club have gone through the Shatter Expectations program and have experienced incredible success both on and off the court.  

The Casa Hogar Los Angelitos in Mexico implemented the program to help children overcome abuse, neglect and abandonment. The children who have come through the program are happy, thriving members of their society.

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