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The Shatter Expectations program focuses
on the principles of Mental Toughness. 

It includes all the tools designed for volleyball players and other athletes to become elite performers.  This program is customized and completely comprehensive for all levels of competition.  From the basics like pre-readiness and mistake management to elite concepts like finding “the zone” and performance management, Shatter Expectations has a workshop ready to meet the needs of athletes at any level of competition. 


Shatter Expectations also has tools that teams can use to create an unstoppable energy and bond that leads to the ability to over perform and beat teams of greater skill level.  These team concepts have been tested and proven for over 10 years with the stories to prove it

The Shatter Expectations program includes:


An individual Mental Toughness questionnaire / assessment


An in-person kick off seminar


Custom workbook including a Goal Calendar and Journal Prompts


Follow up lessons via podcast

If you are interested in learning more about the Shatter Expectations Mental Toughness program, get in touch via this form!

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